Yesterday I presented a session on  Portal technology for the next release of Microsoft DynamicsAX at the TechReady event in Seattle . TechReady is an internal technical readiness event for the Field.

The Room was full and the session went really well (in my opinion  and the evaluations turned in so far more or less agree with me on this ).

Ramana and Dima joined me for the Q&A. The presentation went about 50 minutes, followed by 20 minutes on Q&A.

On the way to the event location, the shuttle driver was full of life. He was telling stories for every building in Seattle and for everything in fact , from the collapse of the bridges to reason for the overpass between two of the state buildings in Seattle and lately the talk of the town is the record number of consecutive days of rain in Seattle.

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  1. Ravil says:

    Hi Meysan,

    Where can I look at your presentation materials? I am considering to make some modifications in Axapta 3.0 and would be glad to have materials about new architechture of Ax 4.0 Enterprise Portal in order to provide minimum upgrading efforts at the transition to to 4.0.

    Thank you,


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