1st MBS Innovation Sandbox Award Winners!

My name (along with Ramana Parimi) appeared in the internal 1st MBS Innovation Sandbox Award Winners list this week. This is the based on MBS-wide voting. So some one else has voted for my project other than me, which is cool :).

From our group we fielded 12 entries and two of them got the awards this time. I had the chance today to pitch our winning idea to the MBS Leadership team and there was excitement about the potential and impact it could have. Needless to say , there were some questions about some comments/points I made.

 I would be very glad if this idea gets into the product one day. This work is based on some of the MSR and Windows Vista team's research and concepts.

For those of you who are wondering what this "cool" idea is, you may have to wait till it ships :). Don’t get mad then why I made this post, if I can’t divulge the details .

The point of this post is to highlight the fact that MBS encourages and rewards “innovations” through such division wide sandbox projects.


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