Five Years in Microsoft

It has been a terrific ride so far in Microsoft.  5 years have gone by like a blink of an eye.
I started with the Demos team in 2000 in EPG. Built three versions of the content management system which was a huge success and crossed organizational boundaries and has become the de facto repository for internal content with millions of download  and still growing at amazing speed. Worked with really cool and innovative people lead by strong organizational leaders and enjoyed every moment of it.

Then I built the portal management system for the sales groups which was well received initially but eventually disappeared after couple of years in production. But I had great satisfaction in building this as it served to provide some neat feature feedback to the product teams.

Also built the sales team profiling system and explorer which was a tremendous success with the sales force.

Then my org moved into the IT group and learned the organizational dynamics well over there. I went through some challenging phases but I believe came out with success.
While implementing web services for the internal customer relationship management system, faced with uphill challenges but eventually pulled out successfully and helped other sub teams as well to resolve similar issues to some extend. Great personal satisfaction on the accomplishment.

This year moved into MBS and enjoying every moment of it.

In the last 5 years ,
Worked in 3 groups
In 5 buildings
In 6 office rooms
For 3 managers
Managed 5 FTEs and 
Nearly 40 vendors
Played 4 different roles
Rolled out 4 huge projects
Received 2 awards and more importantly learned a lot and still learning.

Hope the next 5 years will be even more fun and interesting.

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  1. sundarrajan says:

    Miles to go before I sleep ..Remember..??

    My heatiest congradulations …!!! You deserve what ever you have accomplished and much more …!!!

    keep running Mey…!!!!!!


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