PDC 2005: Integrating COM+ and MSMQ applications with WCF

Last wedenesday my collegue Andy and I presented the Integrating COM+ and MSMQ applications talk at the PDC.
Thanks to all of you who attended. We were glad that the talk was well received , the room was full and an overflow room had to be open in spite of the fact that Don Box was giving a parallel talk to ours.
This goes to strengthen our belief that many of you immensely care about what we are doing in WCF to smoothen the transition/migration from existing technologies to Indigo.
All the PDC decks including my COM305 Windows Communications Foundation ("Indigo"): Integrating COM+ and MSMQ Applications deck is posted here

Let me know if you have any questions that I could answer about the presentation.

I will be posting the demo code in the next couple of days.


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