Axapta – Tips, Tricks & Beyond – 2

Microsoft SQL Server Report Pack for Microsoft Axapta and SharePoint Integration

The Microsoft SQL Server Report Pack for Microsoft Axapta 3.0 is a set of 8 predefined report definition files that work with a sample database from Microsoft Axapta. You can use the sample reports as templates for designing new reports for Axapta.
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If you have SharePoint site as your corporate portal or as division/team site and if you need to expose these reports in the SharePoint site for easy access, you can easily accomplish this task by using the Reporting Services SharePoint Web Parts Package which comes  in SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Service Pack 2. To know more about these web parts and installation instructions, click here.

Once you have installed these web parts and report pack, you can point the report viewer web part to the Axapta report , by providing the report manager url and report path. The below screenshots show the parameters that needs to be set

Where Report Path is     /Microsoft SQL Server Report Pack for Microsoft Axapta/CRM Recap , for the below report ( report ‘mey1’ to your server name in Report Manager URL)

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