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I am Anandh Seshadri (in short, Anandh). I have been with Microsoft for more than 4 years, focusing on developing Content management and Enterprise Portal platforms for internal MS sales force. I have been in IT field for more than 10 years, worked in many different application domains at various capacities.

Before joining Microsoft, I was working for few software companies in Bangalore and Chennai, India, where I had the opportunity to groom myself in learning and expanding my knowledge in various application domains like finance, manufacturing, mortgage, simulation and others. I was instrumental in developing and implementing several software packages for a German client selling products to top insurance companies in Germany.

I graduated from Birla Institue of Technology & Science (BITS), India, in the year 1991, in Chemical Engineering.

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  1. Tarang says:

    So how come a BITS Chemical Engineer ended up in IT?

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