Microsoft Axapta Enterprise Portal

Microsoft Axapta Enterprise Portal enables customers, vendors, business partners and employees to directly access relevant business information and conduct business transactions with Microsoft Axapta through personalized, role-based Web portals.

Enterprise Portal 4.0 will be enabling key workflows on web and unlocking data kept in ERP systems and making it work with collaboration platforms which is going to open up new opportunities for business productivity and will be a great strategic investment for company of any size.

Axapta has a great development, customization and extension platform.
Similarly Windows SharePoint Services has rich out-of-the-box functionality and full fidelity of ASP.NET.  Enterprise Portal sits on the culmination of these two great platforms and provides the best of both worlds.

In my opinion, below are the key EP 4 Benefits

  • IW productivity

    • Structured data & unstructured data in one place
    • Collaboration & Content Mgmt
    • Relevant information at the user’s fingertips
    • Personalization

  • ITPro productivity

    • Reliable, Scalable and Extensible Windows SharePoint Services platform reduces total cost of ownership
    • Speeding adoption by using familiar interfaces and tools

  • Developer productivity

    • Enhanced Web authoring and development experience for developers, partners and customers
    • Reduced development time and cost with out-of-the-box portal services and already available SharePoint web parts for integrating to other systems

  • Business productivity

    • A complete view of a business
    • Common search enabling better discovery of content from both SharePoint and Axapta


Comments (3)

  1. mc2000 says:

    For a customer just implementing EP 3.0 sp4 in early 2006, what will be the effort to migrate to EP 4.0 when available?

  2. Mey M says:

    out of the box EP implementations will be ported by the upgrade. The customer just need to recreate the site and grant permission to users.

    For pages that are added/customized , the building blocks such as webforms/reports/weblets will be carried forward to 4.0 and the pages should be desinged in SharePoint , which should be a very minimal effort.

  3. nivaspm says:

    I implemented Enterprise portal AX 4.0 in WSS t3 .now the issue is that Shoping card links like "Quick entry  " and "View cart  "

    is not working but "Product catalog" and "campaign items" are working. what might be the issue. i gave EP_Cust and Ep_Ext Privilges to this user….any help to solve this

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