Greetings, and welcome to our blog

My name is Meyyappan Meenakshi Sundaram. I know you are trying real hard now to pronounce my name or wondering how many letters are there in my name. I believe in breaking any hard problem into small solvable problems first and work on solving the small ones initially and eventually solving the bigger ones.

Every day I see many people stumbling upon my name, so I have come up with a shortened form of it as “Mey”.

See how easy it is now to call me. One problem solved and one solution discovered.


I along with few friends at Microsoft Redmond have started this blog. We are a group people passionate about enabling the world building better business solutions using innovative (Microsoft) technologies and getting the most out their IT investments.

Each one of us has around 10 to 15 years of software development experience in various roles and work extensively with customers and partners to build better software products.


In the coming days, we will first post a little about ourselves and then dive into the wonderful world of building solutions and how technology, processes, practices comes handy in improving business productivity


Stay tuned !!!

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