Windows 10 Calculator

Wow – we have finally updated calc.exe – how long has that been? Smile

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How cool is it that 12 stone is 0.02 Elephants

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  1. windows-phone says:

    looks perfect! May I write about it on my blog ?

  2. SuperCoco says:

    Its really ugly. How to open more than a one instance? How to resize to more little size or at least the same sixe than old calculator?

  3. Daniel Smith says:

    I'm sorry, but this is not progress.

    * You can only load a single instance of the app at a time.

    * It takes longer to load.

    * It doesn't adhere to the system theme.

    * It uses more than double the RAM compared to the win32 version.

    * You have to switch back and forward between different views to see the calculation history (unless you go full screen).

    * It's missing statistics mode and multiple other features compared to the win32 version.

    * It takes up around 25% more screen real estate, leaving it more likely to obscure your other windows that you're probably trying to look at while typing into the calculator window.

    I think we need the win32 calculator back, and then let users decide which one they want to use.  I certainly know which one I'd choose to use!

  4. Kyli Rouge says:

    Where's my bit shifting in programmer mode? Why can't I flip bits? Is this a joke?

  5. Ian Ceicys says:

    I want to be able to edit history calculations on the fly.

    I have a rent equation I use.

    equation 1: $700+450+625.35=1775.35

    Now I want to go through and subtract that equation from a bank balance say $2000.00

    In Win 8.1 I would just go in and click on equation 1 in history and put in 2000 – ($700+450+625.35) to get 224.65.

    I can't figure out how to edit history, can I have the old calculator back?

  6. Alberto Falcon says:

    This is my least favorite result of windows 10. No multiple calculators + huge size (And when resized it looks off) + ugly = I'm now trying to figure out how to import my windows 7 calculator.

  7. Thierry says:

    How can I revert to Win8 calculator? This new one doesn't focus automatically when I launch it (with MS keyboard dedicated key), so I have to clic in app bar to show up the window then I have to click on it in order to type something.

    What a regression!

  8. BigM says:

    Does calculator take localization settings from selected display language? I like to use english (american) as display language, but I don't like to see american style in number formatting 1,234,567.89. I like to use finnish formatting (1 234 567,89) or set it my self to what ever I like from regional settings.

    PS. Also date calculator is missing.

  9. NormanRT says:

    At the moment, the calculator is what's missing on my computer.

  10. Tom says:

    I just upgraded to Win10 and the calculator won't load; so, no calculator for me!!!

  11. Fekadu says:

    The updated calculator was very nice. It works better.
    Great thanks

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