Unable to locate Nuget on a Hosted Build

I was working for a customer as they were having an issue after importing their code into Visual Studio Online hosted build. The build error they received was Application\Codebase\.nuget\NuGet.targets(83,9): Error : Unable to locate ‘C:\a\3eb8c622\Customer\Application\Codebase\.nuget\NuGet.exe’ The real reason for this is that when you import code into Team Foundation Server it doesn’t check in .exe’s…

Cloud Roadmap

Ever wanted to know what the Azure team are up to and what services have been deprecated? This is now my go to guide. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/roadmap/

Windows 10 Calculator

Wow – we have finally updated calc.exe – how long has that been? and and How cool is it that 12 stone is 0.02 Elephants