Adding Nokia JBL PowerUp to Windows 10

I have a Nokia charging station in my office that also doubles as a nice speaker whilst I am working. Here is the spec., now I have always struggled to pair it to Windows before as it always failed, so here are my steps so that someone else doesn’t have the same problem.

  1. Make sure you phone Bluetooth is turned off as only one device can be connected to it at once.
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. Go to “Devices and Printers”
  4. Press the Blue button on the front of the JBL PowerUp speaker until it flashes.
  5. Click on the very unsubtle “Add a Bluetooth device”


This should find JBL PowerUp and start to install the drivers, then when you go and have a look in Device Manager you should see it configured.


It all sounds simple, but I could not add a new Bluetooth device with the new “PC Settings” modern App!

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  1. xyes says:

    I'm still having the problem even it shows up as a Bluetooth device, but they won't stay as paired.

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