Finding free time in Office 365 via REST

Here is a two step tutorial of how you can find time in Office 365 calendars via REST Enjoy


Posting messages to the Graph API from Microsoft Flow

I needed to POST a message to Microsoft’s Graph API in order to find meeting slots in a calendar within my organisation. I wanted this wrapped in an API so that I could call it from Cortana. Read my previous post about how I got this working from Postman as this will cover off the…


Using Postman to call the Graph API using Azure Active Directory (AAD)

I needed a mechanism to be able to call an API that would find free time in my calendar. I looked at Flow and Logic Apps and all the only Actions I could find were the ability to be able to see existing entries in a calendar. However, if you look in the Graph API,…


Service Fabric – Watchdog connector

I was helping a customer move an on premises solution into Service Fabric and they were very keen on using Application Insights as the dashboard of the Application Health. They also had monitoring within their on-premises system that would periodically send a heartbeat to their services and report health. This sounded a perfect use case…


Best way to host Microsoft R Server in Azure

Today I was asked whether it was better to run Microsoft R Server on a Virtual Machine / Azure Container Instance or DevTest Labs. The requirement was for a 6 core 32Gb RAM for a developer image. My initial thought was to have a R Server created from the gallery and then use DevTest extension…


Relational Database to Cosmos DB

A customer fired off a few questions to me today regarding their move from on-premises SQL Server to Cosmos DB. I thought I would share those questions and answers. How can we handle relational DBMS? Cosmos DB is not a relational database. You cannot just take your relational database and expect it to run in…


Azure Service Fabric Application Insights working sample

This simple post is going to walk through the very basics of getting trace events to appear in Application Insights from Azure Service Fabric using EventFlow. First, let’s discuss the options and the advantages and disadvantages of each. A sample application can be found here: – Configure each service in the Service Fabric Application to…


Add Azure Active Directory B2B users to your Visual Studio Team Services

I often go on site with customers and do some work for them inside their VSTS. I am going to document a way for those companies that are using AAD and VSTS together to add me into their Azure Active Directory so that I can use my company email address and bring in my MSDN…


Retrieving Distinct Count of the PageViews in Application Insights using parseurl

Had a query from a partner today about how they could get a report from Application Insights to tell them how many times a particular App Service had been called. The sticking point was to group all of the hits to a particular instance irrespective of the full url that was being retrieved. We built…


dotnet restore unable to resolve .NET Framework libraries

I was at a hack at the start of the month and we were attempting to create a CI pipeline for the solution. The solution was made up of a dotnet core (1.0.0-preview2-003121) Web API project that references some .Net Framework 4.5.2 class libraries. When I compiled this in VSTS it was unable to restore the…