A Technical Conference Filled with Women

Ok now that I have your attention (!), I am going to write a bit about my first experience at the international, annual Agile conference.  Agile 2011 was held in Salt Lake City, Utah last week.  I attended and spoke (on ‘Teaching Kids to Program Using Agile Practices’) and had a GREAT time.  This conference…


Lanyrd.com–Great for Technical Speakers

While at fooCamp this weekend in Sebastopol, among many interesting people, I met the founders of a new site – Lanyrd.com.  They call themselves a ‘social conference directory’ and from my first try-out – I LOVE their services and site. Take a look at the Lanyrd page for the upcoming SoCalCodCamp (below) conference: They’ve got…


Trip Report: Agile Open Northwest 2010

As I sit on yet another plane (flying over to Denmark to teach DigiGirlz there next week), I contemplate the conference I attended earlier this week and wanted to share here.  Agile Open Northwest 2010 was held in Seattle this year.  It’s held annually in Portland or Seattle.  So what happened there?   First, understand…


200 Girl Geeks in a room

And what happens then?  I attended the annual She’s Geeky unConference at the Computer History Museum in San Jose Feb 29-31, 2010 and had a great time.  Because, literally, no men are allowed (conference organizer’s rules – not mine), I thought I might share some of the highlights for the general developer population (my assumed…


SoCalDevGal answers your Windows 7 Developer Questions

Wow what a launch today in Orange, CA!  Thanks to the standing-room only audience this morning.  Because of the crowd size, you were so kind as to send your questions via text messages.  I didn’t have time to answer all of your many questions all at the event, so here are the rest of the…


SoCalDevGal shares Windows 7 Launch LIVE

Well, it’s not me presenting, but it is the same content.  If you couldn’t make it to the Windows 7 launch event next Monday, October 26th starting at 9am, you can watch the live stream of the presentation of my developer evangelist colleague Daniel Egan and more presenting on Monday. Here’s the link for the…


SoCalDevGal presents Windows 7 Developer APIs

Next week Monday and Wednesday, I’ll be presenting at the MSDN launch events for developers for Windows 7.  Both events are registered full already – however, I am posting my decks here for you.  Also we may be recording one set of launch sessions, if we do so, I’ll post the link to the recording…


SoCalDevGal answers ‘What is Windows Azure?’ in 5 minutes

Slides from #CloudCampSVCC – 5 minute time limit for my lightning talk.  It was also filmed, I’ll add the link after it’s published. What is Windows Azure? View more presentations from SoCalDevGal.


What is Gemini? Deck from #SVCC

I presented at #SVCC introducing Gemini – here’s the deck. Gemini Introduction View more presentations from SoCalDevGal.


Where is SoCalDevGal? – SoCal Developer Events for Oct 2009

By popular demand I am attempting to aggregate SoCal Developer events on a monthly basis.  For October 2009 as follows below. I’ll be happy to add any developer events I may have missed, just send me mail via my blog. Week 1 (Sept 27 – Oct 3) Mon, Sept 28 – GirlsInTech / Santa Monica…