Leaving Microsoft

This will be last blog post to this blog, as I am leaving Microsoft effective Monday, October 17.  Post-Microsoft I’ll be contracting (data projects, both production and education) and spending more time growing ‘Teaching Kids Programming’ around the world.  Two years ago someone dear to me gave me the book below, little did I know…


Teaching Kids Programming with Agile Practices

Here’s our deck from the international Agile2011 conference, where we are presenting tomorrow.  Our talk is called ‘Teaching Kids Programming with Agile Practices.’ Teaching kids programming with agile 2011 View more presentations from Llewellyn Falco


Teaching 10 year olds to code using the MVC pattern

Teaching ADLIBS TKP Tips: Teaching the SmallBasic ADLIBS recipe The parts of the ADLIBS recipe are as follows: 1) Recipe – guided line-by-line translation, to teach core concepts. For ADLIBS, you are building on what the kids learned in all of the previous drawing recipes (core IDE and language concepts such as objects, methods, etc…)…


Teaching Kids Programming using the Intentional Method

Here’s the presentation deck for our talk at the national Computer Science teacher’s conference in NYC this July – enjoy. Teaching Kids Programming using the Intentional Method View more presentations from Lynn Langit.


Lanyrd.com–Great for Technical Speakers

While at fooCamp this weekend in Sebastopol, among many interesting people, I met the founders of a new site – Lanyrd.com.  They call themselves a ‘social conference directory’ and from my first try-out – I LOVE their services and site. Take a look at the Lanyrd page for the upcoming SoCalCodCamp (below) conference: They’ve got…


TKP Tips: Teaching the SmallBasic HOUSES recipe

This is generally the second recipe the kids work with (the first one is SQUARE – and there are lots of tips and videos on how we teach programming generally, i.e. using Agile methods and specifically for that first recipe on TKP here.  Please go there FIRST if need be. In this blog post, I’ll…


TKP Tips: Making a SmallBasic runnable flash drive

We discovered a shortcut that makes teaching #TKP courseware with SmallBasic even easier.  You can put everything you need for each pair of students on a single flash drive – SmallBasic, SmallBasic Extensions, Courseware, etc… AND you can run SmallBasic itself directly from this drive.  So there’s no need to install anything on a the…


Teaching Kids Programming–Jan-April 2011 UPDATE

What have we been up to this year?  Take a look at the slide deck below. This also includes ‘stuff we need’ and future directions.  I welcome your comments Teaching Kids Programming Jan-April 2011 Update View more presentations from Lynn Langit


Why We Must Teach Girls to Program–A Women Developer Speaks

I got this story on my blog in response to a presentation I did (on .NET Rocks) about TKP and thought you might enjoy reading it.  Details have been obscured on request. “I heard your Podcast about Teaching Kids to Program and it was really inspiring, especially the new course work you are developing. I…


The Women in Tech Lunch at Mix11 generates action

The first-ever LEGO Serious Play event at the WiT Mix11 luncheon hosted around 100 attendees, both women and men.  I co-led the event with LEGO superstar, Thomas Mueller (shown below leading a LEGO Mindstorms event at the Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo, CA). Thomas graciously lent us over 8,000 bricks from his personal collection for…