What’s Axum?

A domain specific language for concurrent programming, formerly known as "Maestro", developed by the Parallel Computing Platform team.  Watch this Channel9 video to learn more – here.  Get the bits and play – here.  The MS team blog for Axum is here.  


What’s in your Visual Studio?

As I continue my current language-exploring mode, I’ve noticed that Visual Studio 2008 is becoming a candy store for me.  Is it just me, or do we have an incredible amount of new stuff to play with?  I can’t really remember the last time I watched TV, other than Slumdog Millionaire there hasn’t been a…


The Art of Multiprocessor Programming

What are you reading these days?  Here’s what I am ‘up to’:   I am really enjoying this book, for it’s balance of theory and practical application.  Now, it does use Java for it’s examples, although I generally code in C#, I find enough similarity between the two languages that the Java examples are still…