SQL Server Developer Tools (Juneau)–first look

I have been preparing a talk (for an internal Microsoft product training) on the new SQL Server Developer Tools (or SSDT – code named ‘Juneau), based on the SQL Server vNext CTP 3 (code named – ‘Denali’). I encourage you to try this out.  To do so, you’ll need to have Visual Studio 2010, with…


SoCalDevGal on TWIC9

I co-hosted the MSDN show ‘This Week in Channel 9’ with Brian Keller – enjoy!


Teaching 10 year olds to code using the MVC pattern

Teaching ADLIBS TKP Tips: Teaching the SmallBasic ADLIBS recipe The parts of the ADLIBS recipe are as follows: 1) Recipe – guided line-by-line translation, to teach core concepts. For ADLIBS, you are building on what the kids learned in all of the previous drawing recipes (core IDE and language concepts such as objects, methods, etc…)…


Teaching Kids Programming using the Intentional Method

Here’s the presentation deck for our talk at the national Computer Science teacher’s conference in NYC this July – enjoy. Teaching Kids Programming using the Intentional Method View more presentations from Lynn Langit.