FREE Developer Azure Training in SoCal

Register as below:

Los Angeles – June 2nd -

Irvine – June 6th -

San Diego – June 7th -

Also for WindowsPhone7 – June 4th

Santa Monica -

Also get your FREE Windows Azure Trial Account

Go here - use code - DPEWR02

Comments (2)

  1. Greg Duncan says:

    Lynn, are those links right? When they finally resolve I'm getting an Outlook Web Access page…

    For example, here's the final URL I'm getting for the LA event,…/logon.aspx

  2. Greg Duncan says:

    Ah… it's a test… I see. 😛

    Actually the links are right and work IF you copy and paste them into a new tab. It's the href on the links that seems to be off…  

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