Teaching Kids Programming–Jan-April 2011 UPDATE

What have we been up to this year?  Take a look at the slide deck below. This also includes ‘stuff we need’ and future directions.  I welcome your comments Teaching Kids Programming Jan-April 2011 Update View more presentations from Lynn Langit


Why We Must Teach Girls to Program–A Women Developer Speaks

I got this story on my blog in response to a presentation I did (on .NET Rocks) about TKP and thought you might enjoy reading it.  Details have been obscured on request. “I heard your Podcast about Teaching Kids to Program and it was really inspiring, especially the new course work you are developing. I…


Migration to SQL Azure–Screencast

Here are the slides and the webcast (broken into 15 minute chunks) – enjoy! This presentation includes demos using the following tools: 1) SQL Azure Migration Wizard 2) Access to SQL Azure Migration Wizard 3) SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2 – scripting, DACPAC 4) Business Intelligence Development Studio – SSIS 5) Visual Studio 2010…


The Women in Tech Lunch at Mix11 generates action

The first-ever LEGO Serious Play event at the WiT Mix11 luncheon hosted around 100 attendees, both women and men.  I co-led the event with LEGO superstar, Thomas Mueller (shown below leading a LEGO Mindstorms event at the Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo, CA). Thomas graciously lent us over 8,000 bricks from his personal collection for…


TKP at Desert Code Camp

   AND This weekend we took 8 Local Developer volunteers (most pictured below) from So Cal to Desert Code Camp in Phoenix, Az. We taught 7 hours of hands–on content designed to introduce children (ages 5-17) to programming. This is the TKP’s most extensive effort to date at a CodeCamp.  Our courseware is found at…