Cloud Opportunities near you–Growth of Cloud Computing

If you live in the west coast in April you must note these cities MSDN Presents… Rob Bagby and Bruno Terkaly in a city near you Cloud Development is one of the fastest growing trends in our industry. Don’t get left behind. In this event, Rob Bagby and Bruno Terkaly will provide an overview of…


A Teacher talks about Teaching Kids Programming

Enjoy this short video of Orange County, CA teacher Lisa Martin talking about her class of high school students at a recent TKP event.


Teaching Kids Programming–Video Training for Teachers

We’ve been making short videos on how to teach the parts of each recipe.  Not all recipes are complete, but we are working on it… Each recipe consists of the following parts and key components (for teachers): *) Setup – teachers should pair students w/5 minute rotations and should use Virtual Proctor 1) Recipe –…


Twitter Data on SQL Azure

Here’s the deck from my presentation at ‘24 Hours of SQL Pass’. 24 Hours of SQL Pass – SQL Azure View more presentations from Lynn Langit. To try out SQL Azure with no credit card, no hassle, 30 days – use this code DPWE02 The Twitter parser source code (CodePlex) is here.  What this does…


Windows Azure and SQL Azure Developer Tools

Here’s my deck from today’s presentation at the Cloud Intelligence Conference in Anaheim, CA – enjoy! Windows Azure Tools for Developers View more presentations from Lynn Langit.


Is YouTube this Generation’s Teacher?

Llewellyn and I are quite interested in best practices around education in general (as we continue to develop our TKP courseware and teaching methods).  Lately we’ve been struck by several presentations about the use of YouTube for education. The first of which is the recent TED presentation by Salman Khan of the Khan Academy.  In…


Code to Learn the Reactive Extensions (Rx) via Koans

Llewellyn and Bart got together to write the first pass at koans for Rx last night.  We published the result on CodePlex today – here. What’s a koan? It’s an interactive excercise, using the lanaguage (features) and done in the editor to learn without a teacher.  Kind of like directed hacking, just ‘fix’ each line…