Developers and Educators–Working together to teach kids programming

I uploaded a deck (with recordings) on ways to engage the developer community to work with local educators to teach kids programming – enjoy! Developers and Educators – Teaching Kids Programming View more presentations from Lynn Langit.


CodeRetreat – Programmers Honing Their Craft Together

I participated in my first CodeRetreat in PHX recently.  I had way more fun than I expected to and it was a safe environment for me to learn new languages. I really liked getting to pair with skilled developers who travelled from as far away as Mexico to attend. WHAT? In a nutshell it’s an…

A MacBook Air–for a Microsoft Evangelist

I bought a new laptop with my own money last week – the first time I’d purchased a laptop since I joined Microsoft nearly 4 years ago.  What did I plunk down a little over $ 1500 for?  A MacBook Air. What did I buy? A MacBook Air, 11” with 4 GB RAM and a…


Trip Report: CloudCampLA

Last night I attended and spoke at the second (annual?) CloudCampLA unConference in Manhattan Beach, CA. What are CloudCamps? Dave Nielsen, from San Jose, CA leads a group which organizes and hosts CloudCamp unConferences world-wide.  They are intended to bring early adopters and interested parties together for discussions and brief demos of cloud technologies. Dave’s…


Read SoCalDevGal’s Newspaper–‘The Woman Who Tech Daily’

  Finally, a neat way to use Twitter Lists!  I created a ‘newspaper’ from my @llangit\WomenWhoTech list on a new site called ‘’.  I am really liking the format.  You can also create your own free, customized ‘newspapers’ of groups of people you follow and/or hashtags (such as following a conference or product). Read my…

Teaching Teen-Aged Girls T-SQL

Yes, you read that right.  Here’s what we use (and it works!) – “Query to find ‘hot’ boys”.  We created and ran this class last year (at DigiGirlz) and we wanted to share it with you.  Teach a teen-aged girl to code! All the setup instructions, code and answers are published on CodePlex – here….