SoCalDevGal’s 2010 People To Watch

When I think of 2010, I think of people who inspire me.  These people are exceptional, they constantly amaze and delight me.  I thought it might be nice to share them with you. SoCalDevGal’s People to Watch from 2010   10 and 9.  Who – Derrick Muneene and Dr. Mark Shields What – SmartCare, the largest…


Microsoft Developer Tools–for Kids and Adults

Here’s the deck for my talk at University of California, Irvine next week – enjoy! Microsoft Developer Tools NOW for Kids and Adults View more presentations from Lynn Langit.


Holiday Makeover–Teaching Kids Programming

We are working on our website for TKP (Teaching Kids Programming) and YOU can help!  How?  We need to take the content from all the various repositories (YouTube, SlideShare, CodePlex, our own heads, etc…) and get it into a USABLE format. We are looking for help evaluating how we did from the following groups (here’s…


Teach a Kid to Code a Holiday Card

Happy holidays from my little volunteer group at  To celebrate the season we’ve written a new recipe for you to share with your kids – teach them to code and make a custom holiday card at the same time! Here’s a sample output, but of course you can change anything about your card, because…


SQL Azure deck from ‘Day of Azure’

Here’s the deck Ike Ellis and I will be presenting on Dec 4 in San Diego for the community ‘Day of Azure II’ – enjoy! SQL Azure from Day of Azure II View more presentations from Lynn Langit.