Learn Windows Phone 7 Development for FREE

Attend one or both days of our FREE event for Windows Phone 7 Developers on Wed, Sept 29 and Thurs, Sept 30 in Costa Mesa, CA.

Windows Phone 7 Development Launch: Jump-Start Your Mobile Development (Day 1)

In the first of this two-day launch event, we’ll take you under the hood of Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Phone 7 platform with a progressive set of learning sessions. We’ll start with the basic tools and fundamentals of Windows Phone 7 application development, plus key design guidelines and our philosophy behind the all-new Metro interface paradigm. As the day unfolds, we’ll go deeper into Windows Phone 7 development scenarios using Silverlight, XNA and the Windows Phone 7 SDK. You’ll also see how to earn cash for your apps in the fully loaded Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch: Unleash Your Best App Workshop (Day 2)

The second day of this launch event is all about turning those napkin sketches and subway scribbles into real, sellable apps. This half-day will be a hands-on application development workshop. You’ll apply fundamental Windows Phone 7 design principles to build an app and upload it to the fully revamped Marketplace. These working sessions are designed to unleash your creativity and help you move from idea to reality, so go at your own pace or follow along with a proctored group lab. Either way, you’ll get step-by-step advice from Microsoft and community experts. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to stake your claim in the marketplace – using familiar tools and consistent specs.

Available workshop/lab topics will include:

4 Creating your First Windows Phone 7 Application

4 Windows Phone Navigation and Controls

4 Using Push Notifications

4 Launchers and Choosers

4 Application Lifecycle

4 Game Development with XNA Framework

4 And much more

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