Teaching Kids Programming with Bubbles!

Llewellyn Falco and I have been writing FREE courseware to introduce kids to programming with SmallBasic for awhile now.  Last night we recorded screencasts (for teachers) for one of our more advanced recipes – Simple Bubble.  More information in general at our website, ‘Teaching Kids Programming’.

The first screencast covers how we teach the basic recipe (called Simple Bubble).

Simple Bubble screencast 

The second screencast covers how we teach the variation to the recipe (called Bubble Wand).

Bubble Wand recipe variation

We’ve made some updates to the SmallBasic extensions, you’ll need to grab version 0.18 or higher from CodePlex and install it BEFORE you try out this recipe with some kids of your own.

BTW…if you’d like to learn more about our work, listen to our recent ‘.NET Rocks’ show on ‘Teaching Kids Programming’

.Net Rocks show on TKP 

Happy Coding!

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