Educators – Join me at the FREE Virtual Summit 2010

Educator Virtual Summit

Great news for Microsoft Certified Trainers and Academic Educators: You are invited to the MCT & Educator Virtual Summit 2010. Register now for this event which will be free of charge and exclusive to MCTs and Educators. Join this  educator readiness marathon conference on April 7th – 9th, 2010.

· Three days and nights of online readiness

· Over 85 speakers delivering over 120 hours of content: technical sessions, train the trainer sessions and soft skills sessions.

· Admission to this event will be free of charge and exclusive to all Academic Educators and MCTs.

For the event agenda and further details, follow the event on the Born to Learn Blog.

My sessions are as follows:

1) Understanding Multi-Touch Application Development on Windows 7 at 10pm on April 8th
2) What is Microsoft Evangelism and how Educators can interact with the evangelism teams here at 11pm on April 8th

(note the late night times – this is because the summit audience is GLOBAL and runs 24/7.  All sessions are recorded and can be accessed at any time after they are recorded as well).

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  1. Peter Zoll says:

    We met many moons ago at a Mircosoft event. Alas, it seems the United States is on an economic  trajectory somewhat similar to African countries. We have been looking into how school districts can use solar technology to save money on electrical bills and obtain revenue by selling excess power. This enables keeping teachers working and schools open. You can get a sense of some of the work by going to our URL and clicking through the Chronology and Legions of Light sections  

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