Teaching Kids Programming March / April Updates

Llewellyn and I have continued to work on the Teaching Kids Programming Resources, we’d like to share progress here:

1) We registered the domain names www.TeachingKidsProgramming.org and www.TeachingKidsProgramming.com and will be migrating resources there over the next few months.

2) We created a calendar of live events for us to deliver for 2010.  We plan to visit a good number of US States, Africa and Canada this year.  When we visit a city, we plan to conduct a live event with kids and another one to train teachers locally.  We’ll publish this calendar on our website soon!

3) We will begin remote training of interested teachers.  We plan to record all remote trainings.  We will start a regular schedule of remote trainings later this month.  If you are interested, ping me via this blog.

4) We have new recipes, variations and quizzes to add to our library!  We’ll publish them after we test them with kids.

5) We are getting ready to host 3 Microsoft DigiGirlz events in April.  These events are as follows: Friday, April 3 in San Diego; Friday, April 16 in Los Angeles; Friday, April 23 in Irvine.  Free, but you must register.  To register, follow the instructions below.

Q. How do girls register to attend a DigiGirlz Day?

A. Microsoft accepts high school girls on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • High schools can request to register girls for a DigiGirlz Day in their city by using the contact or registration information provided next to the city name in the list on this page. For general questions, contact msgirlz@microsoft.com.
  • An individual girl who is currently in high school is welcome to register for a DigiGirlz Day in her area by using the contact information provided in the list on this page or by sending an e-mail message with her name, her city and state, and the name of her high school to msgirlz@microsoft.com.
  • Release Forms. All students and parent/legal guardian (if under 18) must complete and sign a media release form in order to attend the DigiGirlz event. The form can be obtained by e-mailing the appropriate event location found above.

6) We are preparing to work as ‘guest teachers’ at the Girls’ Middle School in Mountain View, CA.  Michele Hutton, president of the Computer Science Teachers of America, teaches there.  She has invited us to teach.  While in Mountain View, we’ll also be training teachers for a DigiGirlz event in SFO, as well as meeting with more CSTA teachers.

Speaking of teachers, we received a lovely quote from a teacher who participated in one of our event’s last month.

“I recently completed a three hour version of this course.  It was remarkable what I was able to accomplish within minutes.  Your students will be thrilled afterward.”

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