Intro to Windows Azure from MSDN Irvine, CA Event

Expanded deck from yesterday’s talk – includes information on Windows Azure data storage options as well as basic introduction to cloud computing and Microsoft’s Windows Azure offering.

Here’s an image that I like (from Microsoft’s PSA Keith Pijanowski) which shows a logical representation of Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing offering:

Windows Azure Cloud Computing

Keith has also written a blog post about IaaS, PaaS and SaaS that I found to be helpful – link here.

Also, here’s a link to a comparison of the cloud computing offerings from vendors other than Microsoft (requested by the audience in Irvine).

By the way, after you build and deploy your first cloud application (using ANY vendor), I’d love to hear more about your experiences (good or bad) – drop me a line via this blog.

Happy programming!

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    I did not fully understand either :S I’m ok again

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