Teaching Programming Resources

List of Links to Resources

Concept Videos

Sample Recipe video - note **we are moving all content to www.TeachingKidsProgramming.org **
1 minute Overview - what is 'Teaching Kids Programming?'
5 minute How to Setup - how to setup SmallBasic and Extensions
5 minute Square Recipe  watch us program the Simple Sqaure in SmallBasic
5 minute Square Variation watch us program the Square Variation in SmallBasic
Teaching Bubbles recipe - screencasts of recipe and variation
10 minute Overview - detailed overveiew of (including a lesson) what is 'Teaching Kids Programming?'

Teaching - Stuff You'll Need to Teach 

Recipes SmallBasic wiki
SmallBasic Language Concepts Slides
SmallBasic Recipe Wall Posters - used to 'decorate' classroom
Virtual Proctor - get 'extra help' to make your classes even better

T-SQL Language Concepts 
T-SQL Course Slides (WhoDatedWho) + Sample DatingGame database (*.mdf)

Mindstorms Slides

Language and Tool Resources

Programming Languages

SmallBasic Language and IDE - downloand and install, just click .msi
SmallBasic Extensions - on Codeplex, download and install per CodePlex instructions
Other Language* APIs - download and install per instructions on CodePlex
Vijaye's (SmallBasic creator) blog

Database Programming
SQL Server Express 2008 with Advanced Services

Visual Programming
Kodu - visual game programming IDE

Mindstorms Programming
You must buy the kit to get the IDE - follow @tmspecial on twitter to get updates on special pricing

Blog posts

What we learned from teaching - Our First After School Program (ended June 2010)

Volunteering  - lessons learned (overall recap)

See all of my blog posts about TKP - lessons learned from teaching (monthly recaps from events run in 2010)

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