Teaching Kids to Code – Graduating from SmallBasic

Regular blog readers may know of my work with Microsoft’s free kid’s coding IDE, SmallBasic as a tool to introduce the fun of coding to DigiGirlz.  As I work with my volunteer developer teams on improving the way we work SmallBasic (more on that later in this post), I am thrilled to see a major…


SoCalDevGal answers your Windows 7 Developer Questions

Wow what a launch today in Orange, CA!  Thanks to the standing-room only audience this morning.  Because of the crowd size, you were so kind as to send your questions via text messages.  I didn’t have time to answer all of your many questions all at the event, so here are the rest of the…


SoCalDevGal shares Windows 7 Launch LIVE

Well, it’s not me presenting, but it is the same content.  If you couldn’t make it to the Windows 7 launch event next Monday, October 26th starting at 9am, you can watch the live stream of the presentation of my developer evangelist colleague Daniel Egan and more presenting on Monday. Here’s the link for the…


SoCalDevGal recommends the new Windows 7 Online Training

  Wow – this is GREAT! MSDN Channel 9 has a new online training center for you (developers) to learn the Windows 7 APIs.  The topics included are multi touch, taskbar, sensor / location, ribbon, shell libraries, background services, instrumentation & performance, installer detection, data redirection, high DPI, session 0 isolation, user privilege isolation and…


SoCalDevGal presents Windows 7 Developer APIs

Next week Monday and Wednesday, I’ll be presenting at the MSDN launch events for developers for Windows 7.  Both events are registered full already – however, I am posting my decks here for you.  Also we may be recording one set of launch sessions, if we do so, I’ll post the link to the recording…


SQL Azure – Let’s Get Started

As you may know we’ve announced that Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Windows Azure, will have commercial availability as of the first day of the upcoming Professional Developer’s Conference in Los Angeles on November 17th, 2009.  In addition to data storage via Windows Azure, included in our offering will be SQL Azure.  I’ve been following the…


TeachCamp 2010

You may know that I’ve led Microsoft’s annual events for high-school aged girls (in SoCal) DigiGirlz for 3 years now. I will continue to do this, plan for 2010 is to host three one-day events (in April) in LA, Irvine and San Diego for DigiGirlz. Also, I will be participating in DigiGirlz events (as an…


SoCalDevGal is getting ready for the Cloud

As you may already know, we (Microsoft) have announced that we will have ‘general availability’ of our version of cloud computing, Windows Azure, on the opening day of the Professional Developer’s Conference (Nov 17). As we prepare to ‘go-to-market’ with Azure, I’ve been doing some preparatory reading and wanted to share with you.  First I’ve…


SoCalDevGal answers ‘What is Windows Azure?’ in 5 minutes

Slides from #CloudCampSVCC – 5 minute time limit for my lightning talk.  It was also filmed, I’ll add the link after it’s published. What is Windows Azure? View more presentations from SoCalDevGal.


What is Gemini? Deck from #SVCC

I presented at #SVCC introducing Gemini – here’s the deck. Gemini Introduction View more presentations from SoCalDevGal.