SoCalDevGal is studying and recommends the Windows 7 Developer Training Kit

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As I am putting the final preparations on my 3 Windows 7 Developer sessions for Tech Ed Africa, I’ve been looking at all possible resources.  One that that I particularly like (and recommend) is the Windows 7 RC Developer Training Kit.  It’s a free download, well-organized and quite useful.  The parts of the kit that I’ve found to be the most useful are the Hands on Labs.  They are to the point, written using the managed code wrappers (API pack) whenever possible and all samples work. You’ll see from the screenshot below that the following topics are included:

Taskbar, Libraries, Multi Touch, Sensor and Location Platform, Windows 7 Ribbon, Trigger Start Services and Windows 7 Instrumentation.

Windows 7 RC Developer Training Kit

Also, corporate Windows 7 Developers evangelist, Yochay Kiriaty recorded a short video on MSDN Channel 9 about this kit.

MSDN Ch9 Video

Happy coding!

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