SoCalDevGal answers ‘What’s on your Windows 7 Demo Machine?

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Many of you have asked me what applications and tools I have installed on my primary Windows 7 demo machine.  I’ll remind you that I am using a HP TouchSmart tx2 (dual AMD 42) w/4 GB RAM.  I’ve installed Windows 7 RC 64-bit.

I thought the easiest way to show you is via screenshots.  I’ve also installed some demo files, I’ll list the public demo files at the bottom of this post.

Applications I've installed


More Applications

still continuing

More applications

The demo XP2Win7 is highly recommended.  You’ll also want the API Code pack (managed code wrappers).  Another way to keep up with cool downloads is to join my Facebook group ‘Windows 7 Developers’ (links section of that group).

Happy coding!

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  1. Matthew says:

    You should also check out TechSmith’s SnagIt application for automatically scrolling windows to get super-sized screen shots in a single image. 😉

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