SoCalDevGal does the social

What’s going on with my Windows 7 blog series, you might be wondering?  Well, I am still working on it, in fact I’ve broadened the scope of my studies to include ALL AREAS of Windows 7 development (in preparation for my upcoming trip and talks in South Africa).  I do plan to publish quite a few more posts in the series over the next couple of weeks. Lest you think I am all work and no play, I’ll have to admit that I’ve been combining work and socializing too.  Below is a sampling of recent good times…

Geek BBQ in Venice

Venice BBQ

Swanky party in Hollywood

Tech social women in Hollywood

Beach party with the Laguna Girls(I took the picture, so I am not in this one!)

Laguna girls

Birthday celebration with the cool girls

Amanda's birthday bash

Hanging with the hipsters downtown LA

At New Media Vault

Oh and there’s more to come – this week I’ve got four more tech social events to go to.  Life is good.

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