SoCalDevGal is checking out the new FrontRunner site (support for ISVs developing for Windows 7)


Our newly launched FrontRunner site for ISVs nicely pulls together many of the resources I’ve been using to learn how to write applications for Windows 7.  I decided to try it out.  Sign up is simple, just use a Windows Live ID and fill in one page about your application.  Then you’ll be ‘in’ the site.  As shown below the first section just lists basic information about your application.  You can, of course, register more than one application.

FrontRunner application info page

I really like the ‘Technical Resources’ section.  Most of the resources that I’ve been using to learn how to develop on the Windows 7 platform (such as SDK, developer training kit, etc…) are referenced in a well-organized way on this section.  I show a screenshot of this screen below as well.

Technical Resources section

The next section provides links to videos and (eventually) to live chat, so that you can get your tough questions answered quickly.

Live help

The last section provides access to marketing resources (templates, logos, etc…), so that you can market your Windows 7 compatible application.  There is also a section on the site to list companies who have created applications (a showcase).  Overall I think the site is clean and very usable. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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