SoCalDevGal will be speaking on Windows 7 multi touch app dev in at San Diego Code Camp tomorrow


My session is at SoCalCodeCamp at UCSD room 105 at 2:00 pm – I am looking forward to showing and telling a good number of my developer friends about the joy of multi touch application development in Windows 7 as I know it so far.  I’ll post the deck in advance, as I normally do, so you can ask all those tough questions during and after my presentation.

In case you are wondering I do plan on returning to my ‘build a Win7 app’ blog series, ironically I am preparing content for three presentations on Windows 7 as well as working on my app, so I ask for a bit of patience…Also, I’ve had quite a few requests to record this first presentation, so I’ll try to get around to doing that next week as well.

Happy coding!

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