Report from TechEd – Windows Mobile Applications Update


People ask me ‘how do you keep up?’ Well, sometimes I don’t.  I am horribly ‘behind’ in the world of Windows Mobile applications, development, etc…So I decided to spend a bit of time at TechEd trying to remedy that situation.  First I attended the (in)famous Windows Mobile Smackdown session.  If you’ve never seen one of these, catch the video or, better yet, attend live.  The mobile team is well-known for their crazy all-demo and only-demo style.  For this smackdown, they just showed one cool application after another.

Because I am so lame and only use the default applications on my (new) HTC mobile TouchPro phone, I felt like a complete loser after this session! 

Tomorrow is ‘fix up my phone day’ BTW.  Here are some apps I’ll be installing and links. Facebook – link here.  Screens below.  Also cool was a GestureTek soccer game – link. And Kinoma Play for rich media on the phone – link.  Really I am just getting started though. I’ll blog more as I work on installing apps on my phone.

Facebook screenshotFacebook screenshot

Facebook screenshotFacebook screenshot

Also they announced the Windows Marketplace for Mobile store – check it out here.

Because I was having so much fun with the team, I crashed their party (at the Conga Room) that night as well. 

It was really fun and informative.  I met several local Windows Mobile MVPs and have invited them to create a mini-smackdown event at upcoming local BarCamps (next one is in San Diego on May 30 and 31 at the Intuit Building there).  If you are like me, you’ll be amazed at the cool apps that are out there for your phone.

If you are still a bit behind on developing for this platform, check out this video from a TechEd session – linked here.

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