Report from TechEd – Jam on IT Community Party

Thursday was community party night at TechEd.  In addition to the attendee party, we in SoCal were able to invite around 300 people from the local tech community (who weren’t registered to attend TechEd).  It was really cool to see who turned out for our free food and drink, and then hung around for the social events, the Birds of a Feather informal tech sessions hosted by INETA, the women in tech event (more on that in the next blog post) and/or the speaker idol competition.  Here were the activities:

The mix was really great.  In particular, in addition to SoCal MVPs and MS community members, our local evangelism team reached out to invite SoCal tech luminaries from social media and those who use competitive products (i.e. Adobe, Google, etc…)

In general, I heard lots of good comments.  Probably the best way is to look at highlights from the TweetStream – complete stream here.

JamOnIT tweetstream

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