Report from TechEd – ITPros know how to throw a great party!


Well it wouldn’t be TechEd, if there weren’t one or more fun parties to attend, but I have to hand it to our corporate ITPro team this year.  Their Windows 7 SpringBoard party at the StandardLA was really great.

Can you spot me in this picture?

The atmosphere was great – Stephen Rose (Sr. Community Manager Windows Client ITPro) was a great host.  He’s also been literally traveling the entire planet talking non-stop about Windows 7.  If you know an ITPro – send them his way.

Stephen Rose


Joey Snow from TechNet Edge was doing DJ duty at the party.  Joey is another ‘rock-star’ speaker.  In fact he and Stephen are often traveling together these days, speaking everywhere from the MCT summit in Prague, to TechEd and more.  What makes both of these guys so effective is not so long ago they were working ITPros (both joined MS only in the last couple of years), so they really know what it’s like in the real world.  Also they’ve both been MCTs for years, so they are effective communicators.

Joey Snow from TechNet Edge

Of course you probably already heard the big announcements (Win7 ‘on track’ for holiday delivery, WinSvr2008 R2 RC available at the show), so what else is on the mind of ITPros at TechEd?  Although it’s not really my world, there was much talk around the team’s Springboard website – even mentioned in the TechEd keynote as being a top site for customers.

*special thanks to my friend and top photographer Wm. Marc Salsberry for yet again, taking incredible pictures.

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