Win7 – getting your apps ready – here’s how

HP TouchSmart

Check out this great blog post one of our Architect Evangelists (Bruce Kyle) – filled with useful links.  Probably the best place to start learning about Win7 is to learn how to enable multi-touch.  Of course there is much more as well.

Watch my blog for more info, as I’ll be participating in the Win7 Developer’s Incubation week in our Irvine office all next week and will be blogging, etc…on how it goes.  Here’s the gist – we’ll have 4 teams of developers working to create Win7 applications.  We are providing the following resources to help them:

1) 1 day’s dedicated technical training – delivered by partners who have been working with Win7 since early betas.

2) The latest hardware, like the HP TouchSmart, etc…

3) Technical (developer) advisors [both MS staff and partners] on site all week to help the teams.

4) Remote developers in India, who have been working with Win7 since early betas, available to code on our overnight (their day), so that teams can make more progress during the week on their projects.

5) Presentation and judging on Friday afternoon.  Judges consist of MS staff (me, among others!) and externals business people (VCs and more)

What would you like to see from this competition?  Daily highlights?  Interviews with the developers?  Let me know and I’ll share.

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  1. Jack Shen says:

    I thought Sanjay Jain did a good job last week about CRM Incubation at Boston MTC. See if you can one-up him. I think you can.

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