To blog, to facebook, to tweet…SoCalDevGal wonders

What is the difference?  Should these things be the same, different, differentiated, what?  How much is simply TMI?  Blog readers – what do you like best about blogs that you do NOT get from social media (facebook, etc..)?  Does it annoy you when one or more social media vehicles is linked so you ‘get to’ read the same updates twice (or more)?  What do you use your blog for?  Facebook? MySpace? Twitter?  FriendFeed? LinkedIn? etc…

And the tools only make it more confusing.  Are you using TweetDeck yet?  (screen below).  I am not sure I want to facebook chat (not the tiny green dot showing online status in the facebook status) from twitter, and so on.  Oh, and btw…do you notice that you rarely actually speak to anyone anymore – very few phone calls, no voice mail.  Is this a good thing?  Also, less email.  Does more informal text communication actually improve communication? 

TweetDeck And Facebook integration

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  1. faredog says:

    Why does anyone want to know everything someone does all day long?

  2. Larry says:

    Facebook, et al., will probably see TweetDeck as a threat since it captures their interface, but I’m wondering if they are willing to lose customer share by putting in human verification.

    About people not talking to each other, we should start a thread to discuss that 😛

  3. I really like to get info pointers through Twitter, but I prefer to read blogs if I’m really interested and curious.

    Informal text communication makes me send less emails and I guess, it’s also easier than making a phone call… But does it improve our communication? Definitely – No.

  4. gemery says:

    Its all about your life stream. How you want to get the message out. The reality is that all information about is being "BI"id…LOL=>. So why not embrace it and put it out there fore the general public/friends. You never know what kind of leads and interesting turns will be thrown your way by letting other people into the covnersation.

    Breakdown of apps

    twitter = instant group text message/short daily activities

    facebook = pictures/twitter agregated/Medium daily activities/plus links to you blog/instant com. with friends

    Blog = tell the world whats up in length. Soap Box

    The beuty of TMI(to much info) is that hey if you dont want it dont read it. If you call me i have to hear it..LOL.

  5. Ben Sullins says:

    I think the blogging platform market is 100% saturated at the moment. I personally use the following:

    Twitpic + Twitter: Send a photo from my G1 to my twitpic email account and it will update not only my Twitter status w/ a URL to the pic, it then updates my Facebook account as well.

    Facebook: Good way to keep in touch w/ friends. Way better layout and design than Myspace.

    LinkedIn: Like facebook but for business.

    Blogs I like because they can contain more detailed info than just a small quirp. I have my own blog where I post articles about MS BI stuff that I develop or come across. I think blogs are more like mini news feeds where as the others are just simple little messages about what is going on right now.

  6. lynnlangit says:

    @faredog – I am continually surprised by what readers / followers find interesting about my posts

    @larry – well, we did already didn’t, but then we stopped

    @cigdem – nothing beats f2f, does it?

    @gemery – that’s why I don’t call you LOL

    @ben – but you still read my blog 🙂

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