Windows 7 Incubation Week in Irvine, CA starting April 27


Windows 7

**UPDATE - The final presentations will be judged by a panel which will include VCs and Angel investors. There will be potential opportunities to connect with VCs and angels to raise capital for your entrepreneurial ventures.**

The incubation week will provide selected teams an opportunity to:

  • Learn and build next generation application on Windows 7 platform with the help of on-site advisors

  • Listen and learn from experts about successful ventures and legal issues

  • Generate marketing buzz for your ideas

  • Create potential opportunity and exposure to be highlighted at the Windows 7 launch

We are inviting nominations for the incubation week from startups interested in building Windows 7 applications that target the following scenarios:

  • Windows touch( ink, multi-touch gesture support, handwriting recognition) applications

  • Sensor network applications(GPS, light, motion)

  • Rich client/animation applications

The Windows 7 Incubation Week will be held at Microsoft Technology Center, Irvine, CA from Mon 4/27/2009 to Fri 5/01/2009. This event consists of 1 ½ days of training, 3 ½ days of active prototype/development time, and a final day for packaging/finishing and reporting out to a panel of judges (I’ll be both an advisor and a judge for this week)  for various prizes.  This event is FREE for selected teams -- each team can bring 3 participants (1 business and 2 technical). To nominate your team, contact Woody Pewitt (woodyp at microsoft dot com). For more details on Windows 7, visit Windows 7 MSDN site

Comments (2)

  1. Larry says:

    The link to ‘Windows 7 MSDN site’ doesn’t work for me.  Could you publish the URL?  Thanks 🙂

    (I hope there is not a bunch of rules like I can’t have Lindsay, Bill, and Zain on my team, lol)

  2. lynnlangit says:

    Thanks for pointing that out Larry – link is now fixed! 🙂

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