SoCalDevGal hearts Developer Events in Feb

And I'll be delivering lots of them over the next two weeks.  Here, we go....

Wed, Feb 18 - live at noon PST MSDN geekSpeak w/Jon Flanders on M / Oslo - register

Thurs, Feb 19 - live at MS San Diego, 6pm - SQL Server 2008 Data Mining at the SQL Server UG - ping AndrewdotKarcherAtClarityConDotCom to attend

Fri, Feb 20 - at ZuneLA, PhizzPop for Designers - ping me if you'd like an invite

Mon, Feb 23 - live at Hyatt Regency in San Francisco (8:30 to 5), Microsoft Developer Conference and WomenBuild - register

Wed, Feb 25 - live at noon PST, MSDN geekSpeak w/Michele Leroux Bustamante on Live Identity Services - register

Thursday, Feb 26 - live at Anaheim Hills at 1pm, MSDN presentation on Windows Azure and more - register

Fri, Feb 27 - live at 9am PST, SQL 2008 for developers - private webcast for 1,000 developers (will be recorded, will share link here later)

Sat, Feb 28 - at MS Irvine all day, Vista for ITPros w/Joey Snow and Stephen Rose - register

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  1. Lynn, author of Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 , will be speaking/presenting

  2. Prasanna says:

    Tried to send mail for this  "Thurs, Feb 19 – live at MS San Diego, 6pm – SQL Server 2008 Data Mining at the SQL Server UG – ping AndrewdotKarcherAtClarityDotCom to attend" but the email id "" failed

    Can you please let me know how can i enroll (

  3. In a follow up to Lynn Langit’s post here , I figured I would I add the details on the SQL Server Users

  4. For those interested in the SQL Server Users Group you can check out our website here ( and get the details of Lynn’s session here.  If you want to sign up for their mailing list it is via a Yahoo group here.  The group is really growing and is a great resource for all you Database people.  I hope to see some of you there.

    You can also get info on some other events such as ITPro events that I consolidated here in this post on my blog (

    Andrew Karcher

  5. Bryant Likes says:

    I signed up for the PhizzPop but it said it would get back to me in 10 days to let me know if there were still tickets. So if you could get me and invite (two would be perfect) that’d be great. PhizzPop at


  6. lynnlangit says:

    yes, I’ll follow up on PhizzPop for you Bryant

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