DigiGirlz in Los Angeles

Here are the three slide decks we will use for the hands-on classes around Kodu, SQL Server 2008 Express and Small Basic, as well as links to more information about each of the applications. We will have a video of the entire DigiGirlz event that we will post here as well.

View more presentations from llangit.

Q. How do I get this? 

A. At this time Kodu is not available to the general public, Microsoft plans a release of Kodu for the XBox platform later this year.  The PC version is being tested for academic use and does not have an official release schedule at this time. For more, including videos and screencasts of Kodu - go here.



Q. How do I get this? 

A. It's free - download program from here and manual (to learn more) from here


SQL Server 2008 Express

Q. How do I get this?

A. The Express edition is free - download program from here and other course here (to learn more) - also you may want to check out a great site, called Coding4Fun.


General DigiGirlz

Q. What is the schedule for DigiGirlz events in the US this year?

A. See the website

Q. How do I get my daughter involved?

A. DigiGirlz partners with local schools.  Contact your school to see whether they would be interested in sending 10 or more girls to an event and to have a teacher or parent as an event lead.  If so, contact me via this blog for more details.

Digigirlz Programs

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