SoCal Code Camp Jan 24 and Jan 25 — also Silverlight 2.0 HOLs on Jan 22

A busy event week in Socal.  SoCalCodeCamp runs this Sat/Sun - have you picked your sessions to attend yet? 

Here's where I'll be in case you want to say 'hi' or you can just reach me via Twitter, Facebook, email or text.  I like to say, if you can't find me, then you aren't looking 😉

8:45 am     UH246 - Geoffrey Emery on Virtual Earth and Live Services 

10:00 am   UH339 - Woody Pewitt on Windows Azure

11:15 am    H123 - Paul Sheriff on LINQ to XML

1:15 pm     H110 - Brian Loesgen on Oslo

2:30 pm    UH335 - Me (speaking) on What's new in SSAS 2008

3:45 pm    MH121 - Chuck Esterbrook on Cobra Language (he wrote it!)

5:01 pm    The Cantina Lounge at 2736 Nutwood Ave in Fullerton, CA 92831 for geekDinner (remember to register for this AT CodeCamp)

SoCal Code Camp (Schedule)

Other events...

On Thursday, Jan 22 - I'll be at QuickStart, Irvine for the second iteration of the highly successful MSDN Unleashed, Silverlight 2.0 proctored Hands on Labs.  If you plan on attending, make sure to register.  If registration is full, then register for the Feb 5 (third overflow!) session at QuickStart in Irvine.

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