MSDN Unleashed Silverlight 2.0 Hands on Labs are sold out!

Is a hit!  Yes, we know the registration is completely full for the first instance on Jan 15.  The good news is that due to your DEMAND we will definitely be repeating this event several times across SoCal (and maybe to other parts of the West Region as well).

So far you have told me that you'd like the event to run in the following locations: San Diego and LA.  Anywhere else?  Tell me now via this blog and we'll make it happen.

MSDN Unleashed: Silverlight 2.0 Hands on Lab

Comments (7)

  1. Dennis Mercado says:

    Please hold another session in San Diego!

  2. German Andrade says:

    I’ll miss out on this Lab (1/15/09), so any other chances to participate in Orange County / San Diego County in the near future will be appreciated !

  3. Cox, Ken says:

    Why don’t you make the materials available so people can try this at home or at similar events around the world?

  4. Ed Power says:

    San Diego and LA are nice I suppose, but Orange County is where it’s happening – how about another shot at the Silverlight lab here?

  5. Michael Eisenstein says:

    I’m definitely in favor of LA.

  6. lynnlangit says:

    Due to requests, we are looking at the following:

    1) repeat in Irvine (this month hopefully)

    2) run in San Diego and LA

    3) make materials available online

    watch my blog for updates!

  7. Scott says:

    San Diego as soon as you can!


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