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As I continue my current language-exploring mode, I've noticed that Visual Studio 2008 is becoming a candy store for me.  Is it just me, or do we have an incredible amount of new stuff to play with?  I can't really remember the last time I watched TV, other than Slumdog Millionaire there hasn't been a movie to catch my interest for awhile and when I am done coding, I just want to read a technical book to 'go deeper' in this stuff.  I going to need a geek-intervention soon if I keep it up at this rate!  Now I am looking at the Visual Studio Extensibility Center, uh oh...

Here's my list of installed stuff- Azure SDK, Robotics SDK, Spec # CTP, IronPython Studio, F# CTP, Oslo and M CTP, Parallel Extension for .NET - I got the .NET 4.0 WCF / WF stuff from PDC (looked at in that VPC, don't even know if it's downloadable yet).  I feel like I am 'losing it' on Silverlight 2.0, Silverlight toolkit, AJAX toolkit, AJAX futures - haven't looked at it since PDC.  What am I missing?

Lynn's New Project Treasure Chest 

How about you?  What have you downloaded and installed into VS2008 that has delighted you? 

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  1. Keith Patrick says:

    All I’ve installed the TFS integration into VS2008, but I can’t say that it’s delighted me (Get Latest grind my entire machine down to unusable, I don’t like the lack of notification that merges cancel checkin, I don’t like the inability to view the source tree via a full UI, and the shelfset UI desperately needs to get beefed up to manage multi-user environments better)

  2. lynnlangit says:

    Thanks for the feedback Keith, I’ll be passing that along to the TFS team.

    BTW…I remembered one more SDK that I’ve seen (on Hanselman’s machine), but don’t have yet – MS Surface.  The emulator is pretty darn fun to play with! At PDC, Scott vetted his Baby Smash presentation with me, Asli and a couple of others prior to showing it at PDC.  It was definately the best way to see that prezo!

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