WomenBuild… inspiring career paths in technology


WomenBuild SeriousPlay with Legos kicked off at PDC.  This is a diversity event with the goal of getting people (both men and women) together to creatively work on getting more people into careers in technology.   We've got the designers of the SeriousPlay method in from Denmark (home of Legos) to help us facilitate (hence, the 'serious' part) and each participant gets to take home FREE Legos (the 'play' part).  I was a facilitator at the first instance (PDC08 in LA) and I found the event to be fun and inspiring.

We are running this event again as part of all of the US Microsoft Developer Conferences, nation-wide over the next three months.

*important note for SFO - the event date has been changed to Monday, Feb 23 and the registration website will be updated shortly to reflect that.

WomenBuild... inspiring career paths in technology

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