Wieviel social communities braucht der Mensch?

That is, how many social networks does one need? (in case you don't speak German - you can use BabelFish to translate) 

The question is quite timely though.  How much time do you spend tweating, linking-in, facebooking, etc...each day?  What is this replacing?  For me it's television and radio.  I rarely watch TV or listen to the radio (much preferring Pandora to replace the latter).  Of course, being the 'data miner' that I am, I would prefer that all forms of my media 'learn' based on my preferences.  In fact, it actually annoys me when my media isn't 'smart' (or self-training).

Strangely though, I seem to enjoy reading the newspaper MORE these days - it's my one Luddite break from the 'always-on' world.  I particularly like the NY Times.

What about you?  How has your relationship to media changed over the years?

Wieviel social communities braucht der Mensch?

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