Free Developer Technical Event in SoCal (Orange County) – Nov 11-13

Hey SoCal Developers, if you didn't have the time to go to the PDC but still want to hear about some of the new technology previewed there, then make sure you attend the TechDays event in Irvine. It's FREE!!!  Register here :  Did I mention its FREE!!.. Come see me, Daniel Egan, Mike Vincent, Andrew Karcher, David Chou, John Miller, talk about some exciting new content.  Like ASP.Net 4.0, Parallelism and Language Futures, the new Cloud Computing architecture from Microsoft (Azure) and much much more.  And, by the way, Its FREE!!!    See you there.

If technology is the backbone of your business, you won't want to miss out on the TechDays '08 event in Costa Mesa, CA. Filled with exclusive product information presented by insider experts, TechDays '08 will show developers, IT professionals, IT executives, and partners how Microsoft technology can take their business to the next level.

For more information and to register for the event go to

Oh, and I've been preparing to present a great show...learning from the best (see below) - I just wonder where I can get two oversized 'L's' for MY show?

Lynn at Madonna concert in LA

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