Psst…wanna’ meet some geekGirls at PDC08?

womenBuild at PDC 

Then join us at WomenBuild.  So, what the heck is this?  It's a free session for developers who are registered for PDC08.  Guess what - it's for both men and women! The pre-con session is centered around building your career as a developer.  It will be held on Sunday, Oct 26 from 10 am to 5:45 pm at the LA Convention Center.  Yes, the focus is on growing careers for women developers in particular, but we know from experience that some men are interested in this topic as well. Plus, you get to play with LEGOs all day.  At this pre-con we are implementing Microsoft's first instance of the LEGO adult learning, SERIOUS PLAY program.  If you are interested (and are already registered for PDC), then you must REGISTER specifically for this pre-con, as space is limited. 

Oh, if you do sign up, also join our Facebook group for WomenBuild, as we envision this as the first of a series of career-building events for developers using LEGO bricks and the Serious Play methodology.

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