SERIOUS PLAY @PDC08 and more

I really love PDC – so many announcements (check out MSDN Ch9 videos from the event), seeing so many friends in person, geekdom and now WomenBuild with Serious Play from Lego – oh, and it’s in my home town too! The many funny T-shirts are cracking me up as well. See more pictures from PDC08…


MS Surface in the real world ATT Retail Demo, and, at PDC08

Interesting to see ‘real-world’ use of Microsoft Surface.  This video was taken an an ATT phone store California and it shows a store employee explaining how to use the MS-Surface application to help customers. Since I am getting ready to head downtown LA for a week to attend PDC08.  I can’t help but think about…


Oslo and SOA and more…

We launched a cool new site to help you understand and use real-world SOA (service-oriented architecture).  I particularly like the section explaining Oslo.  I also like the Solutions section.  What do you think – is this site useful?  Microsoft SOA Products: Oslo


Death by Email

  Ever feel like you just can’t get on top of this?  It’s startling to think that I have over 1 GB of work-related email now.  That is, of course, only one of my six or so various email accounts.  How many messages do you receive per day?  How many do you process per day? …


PDC, TechDays, CodeCamp, BarCamp – Oct / Nov Developer events in SoCal!

We’ll we’ve got a raft of live events coming up in SoCal for developers in late October and early November.  You may be thinking, hmm…which one(s) do I go to? how do I choose?  I’ll write a bit about all them here, maybe that will help you to choose. If you can afford it, PDC08…


I write like Madonna

My handwriting looks like this too, so why don’t I have a bodyguard and a jet? (kidding)  Oh, and…I’ll be seeing my favorite material girl yet again at Dodger Stadium in LA on Nov 6th – text me if you are around that night. BTW…this is a pretty cool site showing HardRock memorabilia using the…


Too lazy to blog, to social network, to tweet

Are you part of the TV generation?  Then you might want to try the 12seconds beta.  New SoCal Developer Evangelist, Daniel Egan seems to like it: News News News | (alpha)


Business Intelligence Visualization via Microsoft Surface

From the demo shown at the Microsoft BI conference last week.  This gives me lots of ideas about data visualization possibilities for BI – what about you? Also if you’ve not seen a Microsoft Surface device and you’d like to – let me know.  If you weren’t able to attend the conference but would like…


SoCalDevGal speaking at Mindshare LA on Oct 16th

What is Mindshare you ask?  Efren from TechZulu interviews one of the Mindshare founders.  Doug kindly invited me to be part of the October 16th speaker line up in LA at the LACY Studio Lofts. MindshareLA Here’s this month’s speaker list: William Kohnen / CEO, SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation – Submersibles in the 21st CenturyEric Gradman…