Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008: Lynn Langit

Isn't the cover pretty?  I have no idea what the tool that was selected to be featured on the cover actually is - do any of you?  Anyway the important thing is that you CAN pre-order the book already from Amazon.  Yes, the co-authors are 'a-changing', Matthew Roche is no longer associated with this project.   Kevin Goff's name will be corrected shortly on the cover, but I was just so excited to see it that I wanted to blog it!  We are looking to publish later this fall.  This book covers SSAS (OLAP cubes and Data Mining Structures), SSIS, SSRS and more.  The target audience is .NET and database developers.  We plan for approximately 650 pages of BI goodness.

Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008: Lynn Langit

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  1.       My very good friend, Lynn Langit , just got finished writing this book on SQL Server

  2. JasonMassie says:

    Nice. I was hoping for more than the step by step series that came out for 2005.

  3. jenlouie says:

    Cool! Looking forward to reading it! The device on the cover is a spring-loaded camming device for rock climbing. You shove them into cracks as protection in the rock as you go up.

  4. lynnlangit says:

    ‘a spring-loaded camming device for rock climbing’ – thanks for sharing!

    writing this book is kind of like climbing up a rock wall, so that fits. 🙂

  5. TimCost says:

    What experience level are you targeting with this book?  

  6. lynnlangit says:

    Thanks for tasking Tim – the book’s target audience is experience database or .NET developers mostly.  

    We don’t assume much experience with BI – however, we will get into a decent level of detail because of the length of the book.

  7. TimCost says:


    Thanks for the quick answer!  I’m looking forward to reading your book.  Are you planning a follow up with more advanced topics?  There are a lot of entry level bi books out there (although not a lot for sql 2008), but not much next step stuff.  

  8. lynnlangit says:

    I do think you’ll be pleased with the level.  Due to the book’s length, I do have space to get into advanced property configurations and coding.

    For example today I finished up the the third chapter on SSIS.  It included events, error handling, logging, checkpoints, transactions and the new Data Profiling control flow task.

    One of my goals is to get an appropriate level of depth (that is ‘just right’) for INTERMEDIATE BI implementers, but still to include enough introductory material so BEGINNERS can get started.  

    It is a tricky balance and I do expect that some of the beginner material may be cut out or reduced during the editing phases of the book.

  9. Check out this great book that my geekSpeak colleague Lynn has just wrapped up. She went through a lot

  10. Sam K says:

    Hey Lynn,

    Thanks for working on this book. I am certainly looking forward to it. We need it! 🙂

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